Women Empowerment

SANZAF’s WOMEN EMPOWERMENT principles are aligned to the organisation’s value of ‘committed to empowering’. The organisation commits itself to the empowerment of women to ensure that all members of the SANZAF team are afforded the same opportunities to learn, grow and excel.


The SANZAF Women Empowerment policy reflects a commitment to the following:

  • A safe and healthy environment for women

  • High level support for women empowerment in the organisation

  • Opportunities for women to grow, develop and thrive

  • Promotion of education, training and personal development for women

  • Programmes to facilitate the empowerment of women

  • Equality through community initiatives and advocacy

  • An organisational culture that advances inclusion and empowerment of women

The organisation endeavours to deliver on the following:

  • Leading by example: showcase the organisation’s commitment to women empowerment by advocating for equality and fairness through internal programmes, community initiatives and stakeholder engagements

  • Training women on their rights and their role in advancing the organisation’s policy on women empowerment

  • Paying equal remuneration, including benefits for work of equal value

  • Implementing recruitment, retention and promotion practices that are sensitive to women and their personal responsibilities

  • Identifying and addressing security issues, including the safety of women travelling to and from work

  • Supporting and enhancing business relationships with women-owned enterprises, including small businesses and women entrepreneurs