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22 June 2018 / 08 Shawwal 1439
Nisáb = R5 333.66
Silver = R8.71/g (270.91/oz)
Gold = R639.29/g (R17 260.79/oz)
Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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19 June 2018


THE South African National Zakah Fund, or SANZAF as it is fondly known, is one of the country’s most enduring and established humanitarian agencies. For over 40 years, SANZAF has served the Muslim community by ensuring that Zakah, a communal pillar of faith, has been executed.

This SANZAF has done without reproach, producing an audited balance sheet every year to guarantee its total transparency. In addition, its beneficiaries have been known to all and sundry, the organisation’s PR and marketing team making sure that the public is duly informed of who gets what.

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Latest News
12 June 2018

SANZAF withdraws from Cape Accord

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) in its endeavours to provide relief and assistance to the poor and needy, appreciates the importance of social stability in order to effect positive change.

In offering its support to the Cape Accord, SANZAF sought to uphold the dignity of human beings, fostering understanding and projecting a positive image of Islam. Whilst these factors are instrumental to social cohesion and are aligned to the organisation's values, the Cape Accord in itself, was met with dissenting views from various communities and Ulama fraternities.

Shauket Fakie, SANZAF National Chairperson commented: "After wider consultation and due consideration, we are withdrawing our support of the Cape Accord. We are doing so for the very principles that we supported the document initially - to promote peace, harmony, tolerance, mutual respect and compassion".

With Eid-ul-Fitr a few days away, all efforts at SANZAF continue to be focussed on the distribution of over 23 000 fitrah hampers throughout the country to ensure that no Muslim goes wanting on the joyous day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:  Shauket Fakie, National Chairperson -

pdf Full SANZAF Statement for download (337 KB)

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Latest News
11 June 2018

SANZAF has never paid Zakah money or other funds to any Shiah organisations

SANZAF Chairperson Shauket Fakie states categorically that SANZAF has never paid Zakah money or other funds to any Shiah organisations or towards promotion of their beliefs. 

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Latest News
06 June 2018


On Sunday, 3 June 2018 at a public meeting held at Masjidul Quds in Gatesville, Cape Town the Cape Accord was presented for discussion and dialogue. The Cape Accord which was formulated in December 2017, is a public statement calling for tolerance amongst Muslims and seeks to summarise Islam’s core values of compassion, mutual respect, tolerance and freedom of religion, which are also the core values enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of South Africa.

Acknowledging the importance of social stability and peace, SANZAF notes the right to follow one’s faith as being among the basic human rights that underpins our South African Constitution and adds its voice to the calls for harmony within the Muslim community and South Africa in general. SANZAF shares a commitment towards upholding the dignity of human beings, fostering unity amongst Muslims and projecting a positive image of Islam.

This view was however, met with some concern by SANZAF’s valued stakeholders. The organization therefore wishes to place on record that this is in no way a display of an intent on the part of SANZAF to promote, adhere to, or adopt the beliefs and practices of another faith or sect as it goes against the tenets of the organisation. SANZAF remain uncompromising to the principles of Ahlus-Sunna wa’l-Jama’ah.

SANZAF categorically assures its donors and stakeholders that it’s Zakah collection and distribution practices continues to follow the principles and teachings of Quran and Sunnah, as it has successfully done for the past four decades, in serving the needs of the poor and the needy.

SANZAF further gives its assurance that none of the funds collected are channelled towards the promotion or support of other beliefs or practices that do not fall under the Ahlus-Sunna wa’l-Jama’ah.

“We wish to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the community for trusting us with their Zakah and all forms of charitable giving. As the leading Zakah institution in South Africa, SANZAF has always acted in a responsible and trustworthy way in all our dealings with donors and beneficiaries alike and we believe that this matter gives us the opportunity to put our stakeholders’ minds at rest that we will continue to follow the principles on which this organisation was founded in 1974”, says Shauket Fakie, SANZAF National Chairperson.

The Chairperson furthermore extends a call to all Muslims in South Africa and around the world to spend the last days of Ramadan in peace and harmony and to ensure that, “we achieve the pleasure of the Almighty in this auspicious month”.


For more information, contact:
Shauket Fakie, National Chairperson –


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Latest News
01 June 2018

SANZAF is pleased to announce the appointment of Yasmina Francke as their new CEO

The South African National Zakah Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Yasmina Francke as their new CEO. She assumes responsibilities on 1 June 2018

Her key focus is to direct the strategic and operational activities of SANZAF in line with its strategy and business plan and to effectively control and manage the administration of SANZAF, as well as the implementation and achievement of the strategic goals, vision and the long term sustainability of the organization.

On behalf the Shauket Fakie, SANZAF National Chairperson and its leadership we would like to take this opportunity to wish Yasmina well in her role as CEO and may Allah (SWT) grant her the insight and Wisdom to lead this organization.

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Latest News
31 May 2018

Zakah Calculator

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29 May 2018

The Wayfarer

IT is always interesting reminding ourselves that those who qualify for Zakah fall into eight basic categories. Zakah, one of the five pillars of Islam, is not an alms tax – as so many like to define it – but more a cleansing of one’s stable assets, an act of faith executed by the redistribution of a small portion of one’s wealth.

The Prophet [SAW] once said that Allah Himself ruled on Zakah, and that its categories were divinely decreed: the poor, the needy, Zakah administrators, hearts to be reconciled such as reverts and those friendly to the community, those in bondage, the debt-ridden, those on the path of Allah and the wayfarer, or traveller.

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28 May 2018


A vacancy exists in the Income department for a Fundraising Officer to take responsibility for fundraising and implementing fundraising strategies, explore new funding opportunities and manage donor relationships.

Please forward CV together with testimonials and a proven case study of a successful fundraising programme to: Shireen Kamaldien – by no later than 20 June 2018


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