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23 July 2018 / 09 Dhil Qaida 1439
Nisáb = R4960.12
Silver = R8.12/g (252.57/oz)
Gold = R611.38/g (R16 505.79/oz)
Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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09 July 2018

Please sir…can I have some soap?

Mr BumbleTHERE is a famous line in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, an 18th century novel about the treatment of children in industrial England. Mr Bumble, the portly supervisor of a child workhouse, gets enraged when Oliver asks for some more gruel, a watery, ill-cooked broth.

“Please, sir, can I have some more?” asks a frightened Oliver, who then meets the wrath of the unfeeling Mr Bumble.

Whilst there is a long distance, historically and geographically, from Charles Dickens to South Africa, I am often reminded of this scenario when poor people knock on our door. Of course, it is a scene played out in many cities and towns throughout South Africa on a daily basis.

Some of those who knock are brazen, with a sense of entitlement, but on the other hand, there are those who are respectful – even Oliver-like – in their requests for help. For these people, just to walk up to a strange door has taken up their last reserves of pride.

Indeed, these are the souls we have to take extra care of, because they are not only begging for food, but their very dignity. We have to remind ourselves that Allah, the Almighty, can elevate – or reduce us – in the mere blink of an eye.

And as winter bites, and as the Western Cape experiences welcome rain, we have to remember that the cold weather is not a boon to the less privileged, but very often a severe setback. On the Highveld, where people have to burn things to stay warm, there are shack fires – and in the Cape as the rains come, so do the floods.

Cold, wet, hungry, homeless and shivering, the South African underclass faces many daunting challenges, challenges we ourselves would probably not be able to deal with, should we be suddenly taken out of our own comfort zones.

Think for a minute what a person hears, and sees, when they knock on your door, and you open it…the smell of food, the sound of a TV, a toilet flushing…a wave of warmth and comfort. All things they don’t have.

The other day, just as the rains had let up and the sun had broken through the clouds, a young woman knocked on our door. We had never seen her before, a sure sign that this was someone who really needed help. After the years, you get to learn the signs. The “regulars” have their routines.

She was a sweet person, desperately hungry, who told us that she lived under a nearby bridge, and that she was waiting for the social worker to find her a bed in a night shelter. Her background story was a typical one of abandonment, and lack of living space in a Cape Flats backyard. The city’s streets had been her only recourse.

She sat on our stoep to eat some of the food that that had been warmed for her, another sign of need, and loneliness. The hungriest will always eat immediately, and those collecting for families or communes will quickly scurry away.

After she’d eaten, the young lady made a request, which for some might have sounded a little odd.

“Please, sir, can I have some soap? Even if it’s an old bar.”

Given her circumstances, it was not an odd request. This was a call for self-esteem. We had gained a little of her trust, and to refuse her would be crushing. So we dug in a cupboard, and came back with a new bar of soap and some facial cream.

“Jor. It’s new stuff. Thank you, auntie!” said the woman to my wife. Her smile was worth a million dollars. For us it had been a small sacrifice, but for her it had meant the world.

Indeed, small things can teach us so much. Many years ago an old hand from an NGO had advised me to never give the underprivileged inferior goods. “Don’t give anybody something you yourself wouldn’t use,” he had told me, “never!”

Of course, SANZAF fully embraces this policy of giving the best. And in the dark moments of winter, a small thing such as a “dignity pack” (soap, shampoo, cream, toothpaste etc.) can make such a huge difference. The truism is that hope – the ultimate aim of sadaqah and Zakah – does not have to cost the proverbial arm and a leg, and that we don’t have to be a Mr Bumble.  


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02 July 2018

Adopt a granny in Pietermaritzburg brings Hope

SANZAF gives hope to the elderly of Pietermaritzburg by warming their hearts and lives with winter warmth shopping at Asmalls.

On the 5th of May, 50 grandmas and 10 grandfathers were treated to a shopping spree at Asmalls fashion retailers valued at R 1000 each.

This gives our recipients the opportunity to ensure they are equipped for the cold winter while also allowing them to personally choose their clothing.

Visit or call 033 397 9133 to see how you can get involved.
#Givehope with SANZAF.

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Western Cape & Boland
02 July 2018

Holiday Programmes for Youth in Western Cape

In keeping with the Youth and Community Development SANZAF hosted Youth Holiday Programmes at four locations in the Western Cape from the 25th to 29th June providing much needed activities and guidance to youth during the school holidays. The holiday programmes took place in Bridgetown, Retreat, Elsies river and Manenberg, an area where as of last year, only 32.7% of the 6 685 young adults (between 15 and 24) from the area have completed matric, and only 15% of people in that age group are currently attending an educational institution.

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28 June 2018

SANZAF’s Adopt-a-granny Campaign in Gauteng

This May marked SANZAF’s (South African National Zakah Fund) fifth annual Adopt-a-granny Campaign. The project aims to allow school students to give back to their communities in a meaningful way. Students identify deserving elderly women in their communities and then treat them to breakfast and a winter-warmth shopping spree.

The project, which appreciates Islam’s concern for the elderly, allows students to learn about this important Islamic value through experience. It is thought that spending quality time with community elders will not only bring joy to the elders but also impact the way in which students view the elderly and their responsibility towards them and humanity as a whole.

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Latest News
28 June 2018

SANZAF reflects on a successful and rewarding Ramadan

For more than 43 Years, SANZAF has been effectively collecting and distributing Zakah, Fitrah and Fidyah to the needy.

Thank You for helping us #Givehope as we continued to serve Humanity this past holy month. From Gauteng to Durban, Port Elizabeth to Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley, East London, Ladysmith and all through the Western Cape, our dedicated staff and loyal volunteers worked hard to ensure we provided Iftar to over 185 000 individuals and have run various other development, awareness and food programmes throughout the country.

In addition, our offices nationwide distributed over 23 000 Fitrah Food Hampers across South Africa!

A heartfelt thank you to our volunteers and most importantly donors whose contributions allow us to #Givehope to those in need!

Channel your Zakah, Fitrah and Fidyah through SANZAF.

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19 June 2018


THE South African National Zakah Fund, or SANZAF as it is fondly known, is one of the country’s most enduring and established humanitarian agencies. For over 40 years, SANZAF has served the Muslim community by ensuring that Zakah, a communal pillar of faith, has been executed.

This SANZAF has done without reproach, producing an audited balance sheet every year to guarantee its total transparency. In addition, its beneficiaries have been known to all and sundry, the organisation’s PR and marketing team making sure that the public is duly informed of who gets what.

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Latest News
12 June 2018

SANZAF withdraws from Cape Accord

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) in its endeavours to provide relief and assistance to the poor and needy, appreciates the importance of social stability in order to effect positive change.

In offering its support to the Cape Accord, SANZAF sought to uphold the dignity of human beings, fostering understanding and projecting a positive image of Islam. Whilst these factors are instrumental to social cohesion and are aligned to the organisation's values, the Cape Accord in itself, was met with dissenting views from various communities and Ulama fraternities.

Shauket Fakie, SANZAF National Chairperson commented: "After wider consultation and due consideration, we are withdrawing our support of the Cape Accord. We are doing so for the very principles that we supported the document initially - to promote peace, harmony, tolerance, mutual respect and compassion".

With Eid-ul-Fitr a few days away, all efforts at SANZAF continue to be focussed on the distribution of over 23 000 fitrah hampers throughout the country to ensure that no Muslim goes wanting on the joyous day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:  Shauket Fakie, National Chairperson -

pdf Full SANZAF Statement for download (337 KB)

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Western Cape & Boland
01 June 2018

SANZAF is pleased to announce the appointment of Yasmina Francke as their new CEO

The South African National Zakah Fund is pleased to announce the appointment of Yasmina Francke as their new CEO. She assumes responsibilities on 1 June 2018

Her key focus is to direct the strategic and operational activities of SANZAF in line with its strategy and business plan and to effectively control and manage the administration of SANZAF, as well as the implementation and achievement of the strategic goals, vision and the long term sustainability of the organization.

On behalf the Shauket Fakie, SANZAF National Chairperson and its leadership we would like to take this opportunity to wish Yasmina well in her role as CEO and may Allah (SWT) grant her the insight and Wisdom to lead this organization.

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