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When making a contribution to SANZAF, you can request a
Section 18A certificate, allowing your donation to be eligible for a tax benefit
before the end of February 2024, the financial year-end.

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Honouring our History,
Embracing our Future

Welcome to the distinctive world of SANZAF new logo

a fusion of tradition and modernity, brought to life in a captivating 3D design.

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Palestine Emergency Appeal!

Your support is crucial in helping us save lives. Stand with us in solidarity with
Palestine and help us help our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

Please keep the people of Palestine in your duas - Jazak’Allah Khair.

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Nisaab Information

Daily Nisaab Prices

Date: 21 February, 2024 / 11 Shaʿbān 1445
Gold Nisáb: R107,652.48
Silver Nisáb: R8,552.46
Silver: R13.97/g (R395.94/oz)
Gold: R1,230.60/g (R38,275.82/oz)
Prices & Calculations exclude VAT

Zakah Calculator

SANZAF's Zakah Caculator is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify the calculation of Zakah (Islamic obligatory charity) with accuracy and ease.

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