SANZAF Welfare Process

At SANZAF, we are committed to providing a structured and transparent welfare process for Muslims in South Africa seeking Zakah assistance. Our goal is to ensure that Zakah is distributed fairly and rightfully, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing financial difficulties. Here is a comprehensive overview of our welfare process:


Step 1: Visit the SANZAF Office

If you find yourself in need of Zakah assistance, the first step is to visit the nearest SANZAF office. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you through the process with empathy and respect.


Step 2: Declare Your Difficulty

Upon arriving at the SANZAF office, declare your difficulty to the reception. The reception staff will guide you on the next available appointment and inform you of the necessary documents required for your case.


Required Standard Documents:

  • Identification Book

  • Proof of Address

  • Marriage Certificate/Death Certificate

Additional Documentation: Depending on the nature of your request, further documentation may be requested to better understand and evaluate your case.


Step 3: Attend the Appointment

Once an appointment is scheduled, attend the meeting with a SANZAF case worker. During this session, the caseworker will open a case file for your specific situation.


Step 4: Case Investigation and Evaluation

After the case is opened, our dedicated team will conduct a thorough investigation. This involves assessing the details of your case, reviewing the provided documentation, and ensuring that all necessary information is considered. The evaluation process is comprehensive and aims to provide a fair and accurate understanding of your situation.


Step 5: Outcome Declaration within 7 Days

Following the investigation and evaluation, the outcome of your case will be declared within seven days. SANZAF is committed to providing timely responses, ensuring that those in need receive the necessary support without unnecessary delays.


Our welfare process is designed to uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and compassion. At SANZAF, we believe in the transformative power of Zakah and its ability to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals and communities. If you find yourself in need, we are here to support you on your journey towards financial stability and well-being.


Then beneficiaries can use the self-service method, please click the button below.