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17 May 2019 / 11 Ramadaan 1440
Nisáb = R5137.70
Silver = R8.39/g (260.87/oz)
Gold = R686.33/g (R18 532.87oz)
Prices & Calculations include VAT

What is the meaning of Nisáb?

Nisáb is a minimum amount of wealth which makes one liable to pay Zakáh. The person who possesses an amount equal to or greater than this specified minimum wealth, which remains in his or her possession for a period of one year is considered wealthy enough to pay the Zakáh.

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is reported to have said: “The fast remains suspended between the heavens and the earth until the Fitrah is discharged”


As we usher in the holy month of Ramadan, the South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) would like to take the opportunity to wish you a month of blessings, clemency and enlightenment. Ameen

The holy month of Ramadan is not only a spiritual time of the year for all Muslims but an an extremely engaging and busy month for SANZAF as we commence with our largest distribution month of the year.

This year, the South African National Zakah Fund celebrated their 45 year anniversary, over four decades of serving the Muslim community without reproach and with complete transparency ensuring that Zakah, the third pillar of our beautiful faith, has been executed.

As the cost of living in South Africa continues rise and with the country’s unemployment rate at a staggering 27,1% with more than 50 % of the youth not having jobs, there is an increased need for social welfare organisations such as SANZAF to assist those in need with basic provisions and development opportunities. SANZAF aims to do this with the effective distribution of Zakah in changing the lives of our beneficiaries through development and relief.

With Ramadan on our doorstep, we reflect on last year’s operations as once again, thousands of Fitrah parcels were distributed nation-wide, ensuring that the needy had a bundle of joy for the month and more than 130 000 people were served with Iftar during the month. In addition, Zakah education programmes were in full swing in masajid and institutions, SANZAF panels explaining the workings of Zakah to the public. This service is available to the public throughout the year and via online platforms available on the website. This year, SANZAF offices countrywide have increased their operations and plans in the lead up to the holy month of Ramadan. The aim being to serve over 185 000 Iftar meals ensuring needy beneficiaries have a nutritious meal to break their fast with. Through partnerships with over 100 Masajid throughout South Africa, this Ramadan, over 23 000 families will benefit from Fitrah Food Aid hampers.

  In keeping with our continued efforts to create awareness and educate the public on Zakah. SANZAF Zakah Seminars will be hosted weekly, affording the public the opportunity to gather pertinent information and have their questions answered by experts in person.

For more information on the closest SANZAF Zakah Seminar to you call 0861 726 923

So as we head into another Ramadan, we thank you for your continued support and appeal to you to continue supporting our efforts in serving humanity by channelling your Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah through SANZAF.

Thank you for helping us give hope for the last 45 years. Heres to many more, Insha Allah.

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