Our Pre-Ramadan Activities: A Recap of Success and Community Engagement

Our Pre-Ramadan Activities: A Recap of Success and Community Engagement



We reflect on a month filled with impactful events and initiatives across South Africa. The pre-Ramadan activities were a testament to the dedication and community spirit that characterizes our mission. Let's take a closer look at the highlights from this busy month.


Launch of Our Book of 40 Ahadith on Zakah:

Kicking off the month, Awwal Masjid in Cape Town hosted the launch of our Book of 40 Ahadith on Zakah on February 1st. This event set the tone for a series of engaging and educational activities.


Ladies Zakah Seminars:

Throughout the month, we organized Ladies Zakah Seminars in Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. These seminars provided a platform for women to deepen their understanding of Zakah, fostering a sense of empowerment and community engagement.


Zakah in Focus Live Q&A Weekly Radio Show:

We took to the airwaves with the Zakah in Focus Live Q&A Weekly Radio Show on Voice of the Cape and Radio786 in Cape Town. These interactive sessions allowed the community to seek guidance on Zakah-related matters, fostering knowledge-sharing.


Launch of Zakah Web-Based Calculator:

On March 5ft, We unveiled its web-based Zakah calculator, making it easier for donors to calculate their Zakah accurately. This digital tool represents a step forward in utilizing technology for a more efficient and accessible charitable process.


Zakah Quiz:

A highlight of the month was the Zakah Quiz, held over two days in Cape Town. This engaging competition tested participants' knowledge of Zakah, promoting learning in a fun and competitive environment.


Pre-Ramadan Thikr:

Closing the month with spirituality, we organized a Pre-Ramadan Thikr on February 29th in Cape Town. This program allowed the community to come together in remembrance and preparation for the blessed month ahead.


Our 50th Anniversary Gratitude Lunch:

On March 3rd, we expressed gratitude during its 50th Anniversary Gratitude Lunch in Gqeberha, acknowledging the support and efforts of all those involved in our noble mission.


Ramadan Hamper Distributions:

To ensure vulnerable communities are prepared for Ramadan, we organized Ramadan Hamper distributions in Kimberley and other regions, providing essentials to those in need.



We express heartfelt gratitude to all the regions for their unwavering dedication and hard work in making these pre-Ramadan activities a success. As we move forward, we look forward to even greater community engagement and impactful initiatives in the upcoming Ramadan and beyond.