Discovering Purpose and Progress: Saadiqah Letsoara's Inspiring Journey at SANZAF Pretoria

In the heart of SANZAF Pretoria's office, an extraordinary journey is unfolding, led by a dedicated individual who embodies the essence of selfless service and personal growth. Meet Saadiqah Letsoara, whose path from a Receptionist to a Caseworker has been a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and community-oriented work.

For Saadiqah, community service isn't just a role—it's a calling. Her journey with SANZAF began as a Receptionist, but it didn't take long for her to spread her wings and embrace roles that have significantly impacted the lives of those around her. From being a Welfare Caseworker to a Computer Literacy Supervisor and a Bursary Support and Coordinator, Saadiqah's multifaceted contributions have left a lasting mark.

A Heart for Service and Seeker of Opportunities

"I realized that the opportunity to serve is everywhere if the heart is seeking," says Saadiqah, whose passion for community work led her to SANZAF. She recognized that being in a position to assist others reflects being in a good place in one's own life. Upon joining SANZAF, the sense of purpose was palpable, as she channeled her energy and skills into helping those in need.

Discovering Purpose Through Service

Saadiqah's journey at SANZAF began as a Receptionist intern, a stepping stone that opened doors to various departments. This journey is a testament to the notion that no job is too small, provided there's a willingness to dedicate oneself, exhibit humility, and respect others. Saadiqah's ascent from Receptionist to Welfare and Bursary departments underscores the potential that lies within each role, waiting to be unlocked by dedication and hard work.

A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

Over the years, Saadiqah's personal and professional growth has been profound. She's developed exceptional communication and social skills, a testament to her dedication to excellence. Through commitment and perseverance, she earned certificates in Islamic Banking Finance and Law, as well as Microsoft Office Specialist—a qualification that equips her to efficiently handle tasks and train others.

Currently pursuing a course in Office Administration, Saadiqah is expanding her skillset further. Her studies encompass a range of vital aspects, from cost and management accounting to marketing, public relations, business law, and administrative practice. The knowledge she's gaining will undoubtedly enhance her ability to manage tasks efficiently and effectively.

Lessons in Wisdom and Understanding

Among her numerous experiences, one stands out as particularly memorable: her first independent welfare interview. This milestone brought with it not just wisdom but also a deeper understanding of the challenges that individuals face in their lives. It taught Saadiqah the value of enthusiasm and patience, virtues that truly have the power to propel individuals forward.

Saadiqah Letsoara's journey at SANZAF is a testament to the transformative power of embracing opportunities, dedication to self-improvement, and the profound impact of community service. Through her story, we're reminded that each role, no matter how small it may seem, holds immense potential for growth, learning, and making a positive impact on those around us.