Friday 19 January 2018

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Success Stories

SANZAF Success Story – Bethelsdorp senior citizens

meet our seniors sucess storySANZAF prides itself on the fact that its relief efforts and outreach activities are inclusive of sectors of society, irrespective of colour, gender, age or creed. One of the regions that has most epitomised these ideals has been SANZAF Uitenhage.

As South African’s marked and celebrated Freedom Day on the 27th April, SANZAF’s Uitenhage offices chose to treat elderly community members from a non-muslim senior citizens home in nearby Bethelsdorp to a day at the beach. As Islam is a universal religion inclusive of all, the project sought to value this ideal by providing the elderly beneficiaries with the care, love and attention they require.

In addition, the project also helps to promote Islam as a universal religion, inclusive of all.

Many of these senior citizens have resided at the home for more than 30 years. Many have been abandoned by their families, abused and taken advantage of for their old age pension grants, and are now forced to live under challenging conditions.

To bring a sense of joy to their lives, SANZAF hired an 80-seater bus to transport the residents of the senior citizens home in Bethelsdorp to the Summerstrand beach. The elderly beneficiaries were also provided foods and snacks throughout the journey to keep their hunger in tow.

For the homes most senior citizen, a 96-year old elderly woman, the trip marked her first ever visit to the beach.

With the outreach programme proving immensely successful, there have been calls for SANZAF Uitenhage to make the trip an annual event. In addition, SANZAF has also resolved to run a weekly feeding scheme at the senior citizens home as part of its Operation Winter Warmth activities.

You can help aid similar outreach activities by donating your Sadaqah and Lillah to SANZAF.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

SANZAF Success Story – Shaheed

success story shaheedJohannesburg-based SANZAF beneficiary, Shaheed, is a qualified paint technologist whose fledgling business and only source of income was put at risk after a break-in robbed him of vital equipment.

As a teenager Shaheed had something of a passion for panel beating and spray painting and he was subsequently employed by Dulux after completing his qualifications in paint technology.

With several years of experience under his belt, Shaheed decided to take the plunge from an employed paint technologist to starting his own panel beating and spray painting business. All seemed to be going well until, while on holiday, Shaheed became victim to a break-in that robbed him of all his major assets, including the equipment needed to pursue his line of trade.

After exhausting all avenues in order to reacquire those business assets, Shaheed resolved to approach SANZAF, who were offering an entrepreneurship course at the time, for assistance. The course proved extremely beneficial, equipping him with the necessary coaching and support to get his business back up and running. In addition, SANZAF also assisted by providing the necessary financial support to repurchase all equipment lost during the break-in.

“I am forever grateful to SANZAF for the support and backup given to me in my darkest hours. They also supported me in upgrading the security on my premises… Thanks to SANZAF I am back on my feet again,” he expressed.
Although his business still battles the effects of the current economic climate, Shaheed is still able to make ends meet each month.

Through your generous donations SANZAF is able to assist those who have suffered similar career hurdles. By donating your Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah, you can make a difference in the life of someone in need.

For more information on how you can contribute, contact SANZAF on 0861 726 923.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

SANZAF Success Story - Adiel

success stories Adiel webThe case of brother Adiel, a 53-year old single parent and father of two, is a shining example of how SANZAF not only provides financial welfare assistance, but also empowers individuals to becoming self-sustaining.

Still fairly young and physically abled, Adiel’s employment prospects have been severely hindered by a lack of education, having left school in grade 4 to pursue work. This left him with limited reading and writing skills. The only form of financial assistance Adiel received came in the form of a meagre R200 a month from his brother; barely sufficient to meet the food requirements of a single person, let alone a family.

Having approached SANZAF Belhar for welfare assistance in January 2016, Adiel, still very much eager to work, was enrolled by the regional office into a security course. Since then he has completed all his security guard grades, as well as relevant training courses. He is currently employed as a full-time security guard and earns ± R 4500 monthly.

In a stable job and with his life back on track, Adiel is now motivated to further his career in the security industry. He has enrolled himself into an ABET (Adult Basic Education Training) programme where he is currently learning to read and write.

Adiel has expressed his gratitude towards SANZAF for the opportunity presented to him and he believes that through SANZAF’s intervention, many others who find themselves in similar situations will be able to find some form of relief and self-sustainability.

By channelling your Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah through SANZAF, you can assist people like Adiel. For more information contact SANZAF on 0861 726 923.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

SANZAF Success Story- Kaltoema

success stories KaltoemaKaltoema is an aspiring educator from Cape Town, who was, until six years ago a stay-at-home mom with no educational qualifications to her name.

Forced to give up her job at a young age and shift focus towards raising her children, Kaltoema chose to empower herself by pursuing self-development and life coaching courses.

Not wanting to simply preach to her children about the value of education, Kaltoema decided to serve as a living role model to them by returning to school at the age of 39, before finally achieving her matric qualification at 40.

Eager to study further but battling financial constraints, Kaltoema made the decision to approach SANZAF, who assessed the relevant criteria and determined that she qualified for financial assistance towards her Bachelor of Education degree through Unisa.

Now in the fourth and final year of her studies and confidently juggling her motherly responsibilities with her new educational objectives, Kaltoema is motivated by the saying “knowledge is power.”

“If you fail then it’s because you’ve chosen to fail and if you’ve succeeded and passed then it’s because you’ve chosen to do so,” she stated.

For more information on how you can assist adult students like Kaltoema in achieving their dreams, contact SANZAF SEED Coordinator Faeza Govind via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

SANZAF Success Story - Fatima

Fatima from Chatsworth visited the SANZAF office in Durban for assistance with her household bond and municipal arrears.
Her family home and place of security was going to be auctioned. After assessing her dire circumstances an action place was put in place to assist her.

Remaining true to her moral compass, Fatima enrolled for the entrepreneurship course which gave her a sense of purpose and motivated her to start her own CMT footwear business.

With her passion and love for sewing SANZAF provided her with the equipment to start her business.

She is now able to cover her household expenses and provide sustenance for her family.

Working from home, her dream is to establish a production workshop to meet the growing demands of her CMT footwear business.

You can assist Fatima with making her dream come true by contributing to SANZAF Projects and Programmes.

To follow the progress of Fatima - Contact Rashida Patel from the Entrepreneurship Development Unit in Durban

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

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