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Success Stories

SANZAF Success Story - Fazlin

success stories October 2016.png twitterFazlin moved to Cape Town to further her studies after she matriculate. She worked night shifts to make ends meet and pay for her studies. It was starting to take its toll on her well-being and she had to leave Cape Town to return home.

Through the relief of SANZAF she was able to continue studying her degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of the Western Cape. Fazlin is currently in her third year and aspires to further her studies.

By channelling your Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah through SANZAF, you can help others like Fazlin in pursuing their life-long dreams.

For more information contact SANZAF on 086 172 6923.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

SANZAF Bursary Students Class of 2016

Watch this short message to the Class of 1976 from the SANZAF Bursary Students Class of 2016.

SANZAF has invested over R16 million in bursaries in 2016, just one of the ways in which we are investing in our youth

SANZAF Changing Lives Through Development and Relief

Success Story – Hoogenkraal Primary

success story george webWeather conditions are slowly dropping in many parts of South Africa and the full effects of winter are now truly being felt, particularly in some of the smaller parts of the country.

These harsh conditions are often felt most by children, who are faced with the prospect of battling and withstanding the bitter cold at school on a daily basis.

In George, SANZAF has taken proactive steps in order to make winter 2016 slightly less demanding and strenuous on young learners.

SANZAF recently conducted an Operation Winter Warmth outreach drive at the Hoogenkraal Primary School, a farm school situated in Glentana, George. The school has roughly 50 learners who travel daily to school from surrounding farms, often in difficult weather conditions.

As part of the campaign learners were all issued with winter packs, each containing an array of winter clothing items. Every learner received a beanie, scarf, rain jacket, and a blanket to keep them warm at all times. In addition, food and soup was also distributed, and learners were each provided a snack pack filled with a number of edible treats.

There was also a sense of community engagement, as a number of volunteers and youth from the local George community assisted in the distribution, helping to ensure an entertaining and fun-filled day for the children.
Both learners and educators of Hoogenkraal Primary expressed deep and sincere gratitude towards SANZAF, as well as the volunteers, for the assistance.

The drive forms part of a nationwide initiative run by SANZAF called Operation Winter Warmth, which aims to assist the most vulnerable sectors of the community during the chilly winter months. Similar distributions take place across the country, with each SANZAF office catering to the most pressing needs within their respective regions.

For more information on how you can contribute towards Operation Winter Warmth, contact your nearest SANZAF using the information provided via the following link:

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

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SANZAF Success Story – Amina

success story Amina webFor many beneficiaries, an approach to SANZAF often serves as a catalyst for achieving their entrepreneurial dreams. For Port-Elizabeth-based Amina, this came in the form of her own cleaning services.

A single mother of four, Amina was unemployed and struggling financially to meet the needs of her family. Employment opportunities were also proving hard to come by. Amina decided to take proactive steps to resolve her financial burden by drafting a business plan for her own cleaning services company, despite lacking the funds needed to get the business up and running.

She approached SANZAF’s Port Elizabeth offices and was made aware of a short business course she could attend. She immediately agreed to be enrolled in the programme.

During the course, Amina was assisted with developing her business plan and was given the motivation needed to take the initiative and start up her company.

“It’s really more than I bargained for. I was grateful to Allah (swt) that a very friendly lady named Farah assisted me at business classes and motivate me to empower myself. It was really an awesome experience,” she stated.

After the completion of the short business course, Amina was provided with a certificate to prove her qualifications. SANZAF then assisted Amina with the necessary funding needed to start-up of her business.

Amina is now the proud owner of her own cleaning services, and has described the feeling as “a dream come true.”

By channelling your Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah through SANZAF, you can help others like Amina in realising their dreams. For more information contact SANZAF on 0861 726 923.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

Success Story – SANZAF Food Aid Programme

3SANZAF’s quaint little office in Pietermaritzburg is making great strides to ensure that no stomach goes unfilled this Ramadan.

The team in Pietermaritzburg, through the generous contributions of the local community, distributes food on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure the less fortunate have a hot meal to look forward to.

But with winter conditions slowly beginning to set in, SANZAF Pietermaritzburg has upped its efforts by running a daily food aid programme, in collaboration with a group of local donors, which caters to the needs of the Cinderella Park community.

In addition, SANZAF also runs a daily soup kitchen on Paton Street that provides breakfast and lunch to homeless children and adults.

The feeding projects take on a larger scale on a monthly basis, when staff members and volunteers work to ensure that at least 30 degs (large pots) of food is cooked and distributed to six mosques and 2 children’s homes in and around Pietermaritzburg. Senior citizens homes are also catered for.

With the auspicious month of Ramadan approaching, SANZAF Pietermaritzburg has set out to amplify its food aid projects. The team has resolved to cook approximately 50 degs of haleem and 55 degs of akni, which will be distributed from the SANZAF offices every Saturday and Sunday during the holy month. Each pot of food produces between 110 to 120 food packs.

The biggest feeding scheme will be undertaken on the eve of, and on Eid day itself. The Pietermaritzburg team has set its sights on cooking and distributing up to 85 degs of food.

Similar initiatives are run by SANZAF offices nationwide.

By paying your Zakah, Sadaqah and Lillah to SANZAF, you can help our Pietermaritzburg office, as well as other regional branches, in their endeavours to feed those who are most in need.

For more information on how you can assist, contact SANZAF Pietermaritzburg on 033 397 9133, or contact or national offices on 021 447 0297.

Click here to make a donation online or click here for the banking and contact details of your nearest SANZAF office.

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