Tuesday 17 October 2017
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SANZAF in the news

Muharram Children's Day in George

Children from George, Mossel Bay, Oudsthoorn, Kwanaqutula and Hornlee enjoy a full day of fun and games at SANZAF Garden Route's Muharram Children's Day Programme. SANZAF's staff and volunteers standby as they facilitate the Muharram Children's Day.

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SANZAF Garden Route

An eventful weekend for SANZAF Garden Route that began with Moulana Hassiem Cassiem, Chairperson Western Cape, who conducted the Khutba for Jumuah at the Masjid Dur Rahmah in George, Western Cape for SANZAF’s new premises official opening. For many years the George office served the community from the Masjid and now SANZAF Garden Route will be operating from a fully-fledged new office adjacent to the Masjid, Alhamdullilah.

On Saturday SANZAF will be hosting a Muharram Children’s Day for the youth in the local community.



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SANZAF Western Cape Shafaqah Initiative

Tune in to Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Economic Development, keynote address which took place on Friday, 21 October 2016 at the launch of the SANZAF Western Cape Shafaqah Initiative.

His keynote speech will be featured on The Voice of the Cape radio station this afternoon at 5:10 PM on Drivetime.

Livestream internationally at: http://iono.fm/embed/streampage/prov/134

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SANZAF Gauteng launched a Micro-Trader Empowerment Programme to empower our beneficiaries:

Hoosen Essof, Gauteng General Manager in conjunction with Broadway Sweets launched a school based campaign to collect used clothing. Micro-traders will sell the clothing to earn a living. Muhammed Rahman, Promotions and Marketing Manager at Broadway Sweets handed over a complimentary bag of Stumbo Pops to Hoosen Essof.

One learner per participating school will win sweets equal to their weight. The campaign is being run across thirteen Muslim schools in the Gauteng area. Watch this space for more on school participating in the campaign.HOOSEN Micro Trader Empowerment Programme

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Shafaqah Initiative

In light of the increasing poverty levels in our country, SANZAF Western Cape is pleased to announce the launch of the Shafaqah Initiative. “We believe the launch of SANZAF’s Shafaqah initiative will give us a more sustainable means of income to evenly extend our relief efforts throughout the year” commented Yasmina Francke, General Manager of SANZAF Western Cape.

This launch is a response to a challenge that the organisation received from Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels, a prominent figure in the Muslim community, at the closure of SANZAF’s Operation Ramadan earlier this year. Sheikh Gabriels commented on the phenomenal impact SANZAF was able to make during the month of Ramadan through the obligatory charitable payments received from the many loyal supporters and various Masajid in its wide network across the Western Cape, Boland and the Garden Route.

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