Monday 27 March 2017
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SANZAF in the news

Durban Senior Citizens Fun Walk 2015

SANZAF Durban held a Senior Citizens Fun Walk on the 11 November 2015. The walk started at the Durban Beach Node and ended at Bay of Plenty.


Senior citizens excited and ready to walk 

Fun Walk1

SANZAF staff ready to distribute juice and chips to the participants once the cross the finish line. From Left: Cassim Jadwat, Moonira Soomar, Shaheda Cassim and Shireen Gafoor. 

Fun Walk2


The winners of the Men's division of the Fun Walk

Fun Walk3


The winners of the Women's division of the Fun Walk.

Fun Walk4

Al Qalam NOB

Al Qalam NOB

16 Days of Activism 2015

for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign

From Peace in the Home, to Peace in the World:

Make Education Safe for All!

Wed 25 Nov 2015 – until Thus 10 Dec 2016

ND Activism2

Left to right - back

Michael Pammenter: Volvo round the world sailor / MRP charity cyclist, Alan Dunn: Editor, The Daily News

Left to right - front

Nomabelu Mvambo-Dandala: Executive Director, Diakonia Council of Churches, Jes Foord: Founder, Jes Foord Foundation, Lee-Anne Keet: life-orientation teacher, Maris Stella / SA Women’s Water Polo player, Saffura Khan: SANZAF Development and Life Skills facilitator Group President

Pic Gcina Ndwalane

Government, business, civil society organisations, faith-based organisations and the media are all participating in the drive to increase awareness of the negative impact of violence and abuse on women and children by putting gender violence in the spotlight during the annual 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign which runs globally from Wednesday November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) until Thursday December 10, 2015 (Human Rights Day) and includes World Aids Day on Tuesday December 1 .

This year the theme is From Peace in the Home, to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All! Over the 16 days we shine a light on one of the most influential young voices in the global crusade for safe education for women: Malala Yousafzai – 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and respected advocate of human rights for women and education. Malala is a true inspiration and bares living testimony to the will to learn and live despite inhospitable conditions.

Of course, in an ideal world, every day we should all be actively taking responsibility for eradicating gender-based violence, but our shameful statistics show this is not the case. The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world: an estimated of 164 reported rape cases per day, which equates to a report every nine minutes – which doesn’t include all the unreported cases.

The campaign also aims to challenge the perpetrators of violence to change their behaviour and an ongoing focus is to involve men in helping to eradicate violence. The campaign also supports survivors with information on services and organisations that can help lessen the impact of violence on their lives.

Every day for the duration of the #16 Days campaign, The Daily News, will run a feature looking at influential men and women of KZN, many of whom are not typically associated with gender issues, and to find out their thoughts on the 16 Days campaign. To contextualise the campaign, we will share some quotes, facts and figures and suggest some pointers as to what readers can actively do to take the conversation further and be part of a meaningful solution.

We also invite readers to wear black every Thursday to support “Thursdays in Black – towards a world without rape and violence” initiative. Campaign buttons and armbands are available from the offices of Diakonia Council of Churches in Durban.


Garden Route SANZAF Quiz a riveting event

The first ever SANZAF Quiz in the Garden Route was one of the highlights of SANZAF’s recent Garden Route Development and Outreach visit.

People from as far afield as Knysna and Plettenberg Bay flocked to the George Town Hall on Sunday 15 November to support the some 30 contestants participating in the event.

The contestants, aged between eight and 18 years, hailed from George, Mossel Bay, Plettenberg Bay and Wilderness.

The six top scorers from the six elimination rounds were selected to vie it out in the finals, where they competed in a gruelling 21-question round for the top position.

Khalid Abdi (15) of the madressa at Masjid dur Rahmah(George) won first prize, followed by Mariam Dhison (18) from An Nur Islamic Centre (George central) and Ilhaam Wehliye (13), also from Masjid dur Rahmah.

Prizes were also awarded to the two youngest contestants, Dayyaan Arendse and Najma Farah –who are both eight years old.

To keep the audience on their toes, spot prizes were also awarded for correctly answered questions posed to the audience.

Click here to view a gallery of images from the SANZAF Quiz –Garden Route.

Garden Route finds Zakah Seminar 'memorable'

SANZAF hosted a Zakah Seminar at the Wilderness Beach Hotel on Saturday 14 November 2015, as part of its Garden Route Development and Outreach Programme.

Addressing the audience at the seminar, Sheikh Yusuf Gassiep reiterated the importance of Zakah as a means to purify one’s wealth.

“Every Pillar of Islam is aimed at improving certain character traits in a person. Zakah helps bring about generosity and contentment, and also facilitates social interaction between the rich and poor,” Sheikh Yusuf said.

He further quoted a hadith of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) wherein he warned the Ummah that Allah will withhold His rahmah (blessings in the form of rain) when people withhold (do not pay) their Zakah.

After the seminar, SANZAF paid tribute to the Brown Family as the first Muslim residents in George and thanked them for their selfless contributions to SANZAF’s operations and the broader Muslim community.

On accepting the certificate of appreciation, Bashier Brown thanked SANZAF’s Garden Route Coordinator, Sheikh Said Wehliye, for “becoming an inspiration to so many people and being like a father to our children.”

“It is not often that we as a Muslim community in the Garden Route have the opportunity to come together, but this has indeed been a memorable occasion,” Brown said.

Click here to view a gallery of images from the Zakah Seminar.

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