Sunday 23 April 2017
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Pension, Provident Funds and Retirement Annuities (RA's) are similar to the extent that they are a form of savings for the future. However, they differ in that while Pension and Provident Funds are generally a condition of employment, Retirement Annuities (RA's) are taken out voluntarily by the beneficiary.

The compulsory vs voluntary nature of how the item came to be makes Pension & Provident Funds not subject to Zakah while Retirement Annuities (RA's) are subject to Zakah.

How to pay Zakah on Retirement Annuities (RA's)

  1. Establish the total contributions to date i.e. add up all premiums paid since inception
  2. Establish the current value of the annuity, i.e. the value on Zakah valuation date
  3. For non-Shariah compliant RA's: Pay Zakah on the lesser value between (1) and (2)
  4. For Shariah compliant RA's: Pay Zakah on the value in (2) above

For more information contact us on our Official WhatsApp Number: 072 733 1727

Western Cape Collection points


Western Cape Collection points

  • Kenilworth Centre
  • Elite Cash and Carry
  • Spar Vangate Mall
  • Winners Supermarket
  • Sawant’s Creation
  • Good Hope Meat Hyper –
  • Old Mutual Head Office
  • Balmoral
  • Sanlam Head Office
  • Mrs. Galvaan
  • K.C Services
  • Masjid ur-Raghma
  • Masjid al-Quds
  • Dr. Jakoet (Bo-Kaap)
  • Pinelands Islamic Society

SANZAF Bursary Students Class of 2016

Watch this short message to the Class of 1976 from the SANZAF Bursary Students Class of 2016.

SANZAF has invested over R16 million in bursaries in 2016, just one of the ways in which we are investing in our youth

SANZAF Changing Lives Through Development and Relief

Zakah Seminars 2016

 1  2 3  4 
Rondebosch East Port Elizabeth IPSA Goodwood

SEED programme

20160416 102641 HDR
SANZAF WC general manager, Yasmina Francke, addresses students on the value of education

DSC 1262
Parents were also invited to share the experiences and challenges they face in regards to their children’s education

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