Monday 29 May 2017
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SANZAF in the news

Haji talks Qurbani - Getting Ready

Muslims all over the world commemorate the sacrifice and bravery Nabi Ebrahim (AS) was willing to endure. Preparing is vital for your Qurbani.  


A Father’s Pride and Joy


Perform your Qurbani through SANZAF

If you are not on Hajj and you have the Nisaab, perform your Qurbani through SANZAF.


SANZAF’s Operation Qurbani

This morning, Mohamed Iqbal Ahmed Sabat, SANZAF trustee, was interviewed by Radio Al-Ansaar’s Breakfast Rush team, Nichal Sarwan and Yusuph Kadoo. Brother Iqbal Sabat spoke about the reach and impact SANZAF has made with Operation Qurbani in Kwazulu-Natal. If you are still interested in Qurbani, it is not too late. Click on the Qurbani Niyyah forms for more information.

Download your Qurbani Niyyah forms at:

SANZAF 2016 Annual Report Press Release

The South African National Zakah Fund (the Fund) is pleased to announce that the latest Annual Report can be viewed on Once again the release of our Annual Report has been achieved within 90 days of the financial year end.

The Annual Report covers our audited financial statements and accomplishments for the year ended 31 May 2016 / 24 Shaban 1437.

The Fund is well - known as the leading organisation in Southern Africa focusing on Zakah education campaigns and iniatives.

The total funds distributed and expended for the financial year is R151 million. The corresponding figure for the previous year was R112.5 million. This represents an increase in expenditure and distribution of 34.5% over the previous year.

In line with the focus on development, an increase in funds for tertiary education to R20 million benefited 2 390 students. For the academic calendar year 2015 / 1436, 108 students graduated in various disciplines.

The Fund had an increase in Zakah distribution of 37%, totalling R 115.2 million. Through this growth the Fund assisted in empowering more local communities through poverty alleviation, education, skills development and disaster relief.

Media enquiries: Sakeena Bock or Ulpa Morton on 021 4470297, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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