Wednesday 17 January 2018
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SANZAF in the news

SANZAF stalwart “Uncle Mahomed” passes on


Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illayhi Raa ji-oen

Mahomed Lutchika (1936/05/01 – 2014/02/26)

Mahomed Lutchika worked as a collector for SANZAF for over 19 years. He spent weeks on the road, covering the towns of Old Transvaal, Free State and Botswana, knocking door to door trying to raise funds for our various causes.

Uncle Mahomed, as he was affectionately known, found a way into the hearts and lives of many a contributor and their families. He genuinely believed that SANZAF could make a difference and he often reminded donors of their obligations to the poor. Not too many could turn him down!

In fact, Uncle Mahomed was proud of the fact that he saved SANZAF money whenever he travelled out of town, as he was always offered a place to stay and a home cooked meal in every town.

Uncle Mahomed was not without his own idiosyncrasies and we could never find a suitable co-driver for him on his long journeys, even as he got on in age, he was very particular about his driving companion.

Uncle Mahomed was not well in the last few years and battled cancer, which he finally succumbed to on Thursday morning. Despite his illness and being “boarded off”, Uncle Mahomed continued to volunteer as a collector until just a few days ago. His last deposit was on 13 February, which he collected in Polokwane, the town he loved most of all.

We will miss Uncle Mahomed, as we are sure many a contributor cum friend will. We pray to Allah to accept his service and his sacrifice and to accord him the highest station in Jannahtul Firdause, Insha-Allah. We pray that Allah grants his family Sabar Jameel.

Janaza Salaah will take place at 12.30pm today at Manzil Park Masjid, 62 Abdul Kara, Street, Manzil Park, Klerksdorp.

Please remember to make a special dua for Mahomed Lutchika.

From all of us at SANZAF

Ways To Support SANZAF

Ways To Support SANZAF through cash and gift - in – kind SARS rebates

donations whether in cash or gift-in-kind, afford donors :

  • points for their BBBEE scorecard (since 100% of our beneficiaries are "black")
  • as well as a tax rebate (since we have been afforded special SARS 18A status)
  • Note: SARS rebates are not available for sponsorships nor entry fees to an event or competition – only for philanthropic donations.

click here for SARS posters

Breaking News! Transparency and governance underpins the work SANZAF does

This is an independent review of Muslim charities operating in South Africa, the survey was conducted by the Muslim Views. We thank the Muslim Views for recognising our work.
(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article, are not those of SANZAF, its management and staff)

Muslim Views Islamic NGO Article FEB 2014 page 1

Muslim Views Islamic NGO Article FEB 2014 page 5

SANZAF Western Cape Mini Bazaar

SANZAF Western Cape will be hosting a Mini Bazaar from the 28 February 2014 to 1 March 2014 at the Masjidul Mieftaag Premises in Lentegeur Mitchell's Plain.

SANZAF Changing Lives Through Development and Relief.

Update on 2014 Bursary Application process

We are pleased to inform you that the submissions for the bursary have been quite smooth with the initial application process coming to a close.

Each region seems to be on par with the deadlines set -

  • Kwa Zulu Natal: final bursary interviews have been completed
  • Gauteng: final bursary interviews have been completed
  • Northern Cape: final bursary interviews have been completed
  • Eastern Cape: candidates have been shortlisted and interview process to follow
  • Western Cape: Currently sending pledge letters to existing students, interview process to take place on 1, 8 and 15th February with existing and new students

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