Monday 24 April 2017
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SANZAF in the news

Blind Navigators Rally - SANZAF Durban

The Phoenix Light Group for the physically challenged partnered with the Forget e Not Club in organising a Blind Navigators Rally which was aimed at creating awareness about individuals with disabiities.

60 teams of two took part in the rally which was attended and kickstarted by Durban Mayor's Office representative Fouzia Peer.

SANZAF Life Skills facilitator and Phoenix Light Group President Saffura Khan spearheaded the event, which SANZAF sponsored with goodie bag items, bottled water, participant tags, stickers and meals.

About 354 individuals partnered together to make the rally a success, this included volunteers, participants and marshalls.

Through this event, SANZAF was able to empower a guest by allowing him to cook the meal which was served on the day.

We would like to thank the Willowton Group, Araf Fuel and Royal Promotions for making this event possible!

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SANZAF Muharram Zakah Seminar

SANZAF hosted a successful Zakah Seminar on Sunday, 17 November at IPSA Auditorium, the seminar was free to all in line with SANZAF's Muharram theme of growth, renewal and generosity

Guest speaker Sheikh Shahid Sulaiman discussed the Masa'il of Zakah in relation to the financial sector.

We thank all our sponsors for contributing to the success of the event: IPSA and 1 Up Cash and Carry.

Thank you to iTV for filming the proceedings on the day.

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