Thursday 22 February 2018
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SANZAF Pietermaritzburg Reaches out to the Elderly through the Adopt-a-Granny Initiative

The generations before us worked tirelessly to give us the life we have today, a life full of opportunities, comfort and privilege. As they grow older, it is imperative that as the next generation, we return the favour by looking after the elderly and caring for them. Insha-Allah, this will resonate with many of us.

SANZAF Pietermaritzburg will be kicking off the weekend with Operation Winter Warmth’s Adopt-a-granny Initiative where 30 grannies and 10 grandpas will receive a voucher up to the value of R 1 000 each to spend at ASMALLS, located in 455 Church St, Pietermaritzburg. They will be able to purchase sleepwear, slippers or jerseys. This programme falls under the SANZAF Operation Winter Warmth, Adopt-a-granny initiative. Volunteers from Nizamia Islamic school and Maritzburg Muslim school for girls will be there to assist the elderly Insha-Allah.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018 18:25
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