Saturday 23 September 2017
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Blog - Zakah in Action

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Our Blog

Round two of Operation Winter Warmth

The South African Zakah Fund (SANZAF) visited Rio Grande Primary School in Manenberg on Wednesday, 9 April in the second Operation Winter Warmth Campaign edition for 2014.
The day began early for the SANZAF Distribution Department as they arrived at the school to prepare two hot meals and a winter pack consisting of a woolly beanie, scarf and gloves for the learners.

The morning assembly began with a hum of excitement circulating throughout the school at the news that SANZAF was on site.

DSC 0040
DSC 0041
The learners are beaming with happiness as they line up for assembly after hearing that SANZAF is visiting their school..

SANZAF staff provides learners with a warm breakfast. .

DSC 0017
Rio Grande Primary School, Principal Mrs Brenda Manuel provides an insight into the school and the challenges faced.
SANZAF teamwork at its best.

DSC 0011
SANZAF staff getting into the braaing gear.

DSC 0006

DSC 0036
Mualima Yasmine Abdurazaaq, SANZAF Da'wah Coordinator and Tarbiyya, discusses the Islamic perspective with learners.

Before lunch was served, Shireen Kamaldien, SANZAF Western Cape Assistant Head of Distribution entertained learners before lunch was served.
DSC 0039
Shireen helps the children to loosen up with a fun rhyme before lunch time.

DSC 0049

DSC 0058
Belhar Caseworker Ebrahim Jacobs pictured with learners and students after they receiving their winter packs.
As the day ended learners were elated with their gifts, the teachers expressed their gratitude SANZAF for bringing the campaign to their school.
Two more editions of Operation Winter Warmth are yet to take place this year Hazendal Primary School in Athlone and Hindel Road Primary School in Belhar are next in line. With its goal of 5,000 school children in 2014 SANZAF urges the community to support this worthy cause, by volunteering or donating in cash or kind , thiswill ensure that a difference is made in the life of a learner.
For more information about SANZAF Projects and Programmes or to contribute to SANZAF Operation Winter Warmth contact 021 638 5108. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SANZAFSA or like us on Facebook.

Durban – Chance to Play

Children making shakers out of used plastic cooldrink bottles

Rishaad Ellis demonstrates how to make the shakers out of used plastic cooldrink bottles

Rishaad Ellis with children who are part of the chance to play programme

Children are being educated about recycling and the benefits thereof

SANZAF Operation Winter Warmth Launch 2014

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) has just launched their 2014 edition of the annual Operation Winter Warmth (OWW) Campaign... just in time for what seems to be the start of winter.

Learners of the Huguenot Primary School in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain were treated to a hearty breakfast by SANZAF members. The 1,126 learners were also gifted a woolly beanie, scarf and gloves. This will ensure that these young ones are kept a little warmer during the winter season.

DSC 0085 All lined up to receive their gifts from SANZAF.

DSC 0090 Deputy Principal Mr Josephs addresses the learners on the chilly autumn morning.

DSC 0096DSC 0102 Shireen Kamaldien, SANZAF Western Cape Assistant Head of Distribution gets the learners hyped for the day with some light entertainment.

DSC 0097 iTV Cameraman, Saawmiet Moos captures the essence of the day.

DSC 0107 Goodies all lined up and ready to go. SANZAF staff member Shehaam Corbett looks out to the crowd of eager learners.

DSC 0108DSC 0109Hand out of woolly packs begins just as it starts to drizzle. Great timing!

DSC 0113 Happy smiles from learners who received their warm goodies.

DSC 0115 Huguenot Primary School Principal Mrs Hartnick being interviewed by iTV reporter Nuha Razak.

DSC 0118 Da'wah and Tarbiyyah Coordinator, Mualima Yasmine Abdurazaaq and Distribution HOD Shafiek Barendse handover rechargeable lamps to the Principal, Mrs Hartnick and Deputy Principal Mr Josephs who will distribute to children at the school who are most in need.

DSC 0123 Distribution HOD Shafiek Barendse speaks to iTV about upcoming SANZAF Projects and Programmes.

This is just the first school which SANZAF has identified for the Operation Winter Warmth 2014. Three more schools will be attended to within the coming months, including Hindel Road Primary School in Belhar, Hazendal Primary School in Athlone, as well as Rio Grande Primary School in Manenberg.

SANZAF aims to reach 5,000 learners through this initiative in 2014. But, another aspect of Operation Winter Warmth which SANZAF Western Cape will be tackling in 2014 is the Adopt-A-Gogo Campaign (more details to follow!).

For more information on SANZAF Projects and Programmes or to contribute to SANZAF Operation Winter Warmth contact 021 638 5108. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SANZAFSA or like us on Facebook.

SANZAF – Innovative thinking, 40 years and beyond

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) has recently added the social media aspect to the lines of communication with our community. This allows for free and easy access to information and feedback on any SANZAF related query entering our inbox via Facebook or Twitter.

This year, SANZAF celebrates 40 years of service – reaffirming our commitment to those in need. We aim to commemorate the organisation in its entirety, saluting those who provided us with the opportunity to grow, thereby allowing SANZAF to become the longest serving Zakah institution in Southern Africa.

But, despite the positives added to SANZAF, we continue to require your assistance, not just with Zakah, but also Sadaqah. Help us to change more lives by signing up for a SANZAF Sadaqah debit order now or make a once off contribution online (coming very soon!).

Your assistance will allow SANZAF to carry out plans to provide communities with a means to become self-sustainable, reaching goals never thought possible.

In 2013, 550 students were assisted nationally by the SANZAF Education Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme, totalling R10 million. Your contribution made this possible!

Jazak Allah, to our valued contributors, partners and recipients for the ongoing support over the last 40 years. We pray that our relationship with you continues to grow in future.

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