Conference on Awqaf, Zakah and Ethical Microfinance as tools for Empowerment

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) in partnership with AwqafSA will be hosting a two day conference on Awqaf, Zakah and Microfinance as Tools for Empowerment on 25-26 October 2015 at the Colosseum Hotel (Pretoria).

The conference is aimed at social entrepreneurs, activists and NGOs working in the charity/development sectorsand will be led by facilitators from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Pakistan.  All facilitators are experts in the fields of Awqaf, Zakah and Microfinance.

SANZAF also hopes to attract participants from the financial services sector, academics as well as representatives of select parastatal/government departments, both as a means of sharing global trends and to disseminate an alternative development funding model (also referred to as an ethical funding model).

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