Monday 19 March 2018

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SANZAF realises that poverty can be alleviated through a focus on knowledge and skills training. this leads to economic prosperity and quality of life for the beneficiary. The SANZAF Education Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme is a means for SANZAF to shift its focus from basic welfare to a development and empowerment approach. SEED is a means of creating a brighterfuture, transforming the lives of children and youth. The Fund recognises that education is multi-faceted and requires a dynamic approach, from early childhood, to high school and tertiary level, as well as providing opportunities for post graduate research

Bursary recipients ‘pay it forward’

SANZAF’s Bursary Programme in partnership with SAEI (Southern African Employability Institute) hosted a Career Day on 12 September 2015 as part of a community development project in attempt to give back to the community.

The purpose of the Careers Day was to assist grade 9 learners from five different high schools in Orange Farm in understanding the various careers as well as making the correct career choices by interacting with specialists and university students studying in various fields.

SANZAF’s bursary students planned for the Career Day over the last few months, and even designed pamphlets that were handed out to the grade 9 learners. The pamphlets included information such as what subjects are needed to pursue a particular career, what traits are needed and what the career entails.

In addition, the grade 9 learners were given an opportunity to interact with professionals/specialists and/or university students within that sector to access more information about the career.

The day also served to address the challenges school learners experience, many of whom normally only receive career guidance at matric level and suddenly realise that their choice of subjects does not allow them to pursue their chosen career.

By educating grade 9 learners at an earlier stage i.e. before they make their subject choices, we hope that these learners will be able to make more informed career choices and not limit their access to enter their desired career field. It also allowed SANZAF Bursary students and other volunteers to share their experiences and knowledge in an attempt to contribute to community and educational challenges amongst school learners.

Click here for photographs of the event.

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