Friday 23 March 2018

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SANZAF realises that poverty can be alleviated through a focus on knowledge and skills training. this leads to economic prosperity and quality of life for the beneficiary. The SANZAF Education Empowerment and Development (SEED) Programme is a means for SANZAF to shift its focus from basic welfare to a development and empowerment approach. SEED is a means of creating a brighterfuture, transforming the lives of children and youth. The Fund recognises that education is multi-faceted and requires a dynamic approach, from early childhood, to high school and tertiary level, as well as providing opportunities for post graduate research


Successful Mentoring Youth Winter School Holiday Programme:

SANZAF Manenberg Centre hosted a winter holiday programme from 5-14 July 2017. The programme was prompted by a request received from the Department of Community Safety stipulating that they are willing to pay for every child involved in the holiday programme. SANZAF saw this as an opportunity to empower and educate the community by hosting the programme.

This was however done in partnership with the Manenberg library.

Parents and guardians had to register their children by completing a consent form granting permission for their children to partake in the holiday programme. The ages of the children ranged from 6 - 17 years old, from grades R - 12 and we received as much as 170 completed applications.

The theme of the programme focused on Child Safety and Security, Education and Empowerment, and Health Care.

Each morning before the start of the daily programme, a register was completed to confirm attendance. Learners enjoyed the fun-filled day including breakfast, which was served at 10h00 and lunch served at 12h30 every day.

Activities would then continue till 16h30 after which cleaning and preparation for the next day starts.

All activities and workshops dealt with during the programme included:

• Safety and security lectures
• Exercise
• Play time
• Safety of animals
• Story telling
• Life Skills
• Abuse and HIV / TB healthcare
• Bullying
• Educational movies
• Modern dancing
• Games
• Drugs and gangsterism awareness
• Computer Technology
• Creative posters
• Immunisations
• Peaceful protest against child abuse

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Skills Development Programme

on Wednesday, 22 February 2017, SANZAF Western Cape hosted the certification of the security officer vocational training students, in collaboration with Rafee Moosajie at Wise Guy Security Training Academy, where 11 students received their certification.

SANZAF would like to wish the Skills Development students all the best for their future endeavours, Insha-Allah. Congratulations on your certification. May this be the beginning of a successful journey.

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